I have a very small number of Nibcrom minifigures available for purchase.

Complete minifigure in packaging, front and back:

Each figure is approximately 1.5″ tall (the same size as a LEGO minifigure):

What’s included?

  • Nibcrom minifigure
  • Minifigure stand with the Nibcrom Lives logo
  • Backing insert
  • Resealable packaging

The figures feature a custom 3D printed head, and have been colored using vinyl dye and acrylic paints, and sealed with a clear coat.

Great care has been taken to ensure durability of these hand-painted figures. Vinyl dye was used to color the light gray body parts, as well as the head. The eyes have been painted by hand using acrylic paints. That being said, the Nibcrom minifigures are meant to be more of a display piece than a toy. The joints are all functional, but they are tight as a result of being painted. I haven’t seen any paint wear from posing the figures, but care should be taken when moving the joints.

There are only a few of these for sale, and I’m not planning on making more of them.

Because there are so few of these, there is a limit of 1 per person.

Price is $18, plus $6 for shipping. Send me an email to purchase. Payments are accepted via paypal.

Huge shout-out to my friend Tresob for designing Nibcrom’s head. This project would not have existed without him. You can check out more of his awesome creations at his Shapeways site.